Sign Up Cost for Shared Agricultural Program [SAP]

Sign up cost to participate in the Genuine Potato, Dry Bean, & Garlic Shared Agriculture Program is SIMPLE.  

Simply choose How Many Genuine Potato, Dry Bean, & Garlic Shares you or your family wants & needs.  It is required that you sign up for at least 1 Share of each crop.  

Then you will have to decide How Many Hands On Farm Visits you or your family wants to participate in.  

1 Farm Visit=$12.00     2 Farm Visits=$18.00      3 Farm Visits= $24.00      4 Farm Visits=$28.00

Add up the cost of each share + Cost of Farm Visits and this is your Total Sign-Up Cost.  This calculation is formatted very clearly when you are filling out the On-line Sign Up Form to Submit.  

Example of a Shared Agriculture Program participant's (either Individual or Family, size of family does not matter in cost) Total Sign Up Cost:  

A family decided they wanted...

2 Genuine Potato Shares [GPS] = 50 lbs of Potatoes = $125.00     

2 Genuine Dry Bean Shares [GDBS] = 10 lbs of Dry Beans = $25.00

1 Genuine Garlic Share [GGS] = 10 heads of Garlic = $12.50

1 Farm Visit = $12.00

                                                                        TOTAL COST = $174.50


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