Shared Agriculture Program [SAP] in a "Nutshell"

We are offering two original Hands On CSA's called Genuine Potato, Dry Bean, & Garlic Shared Agriculture Program [SAP] & Genuine Dry Bean, Root, & Garlic Shared Agriculture Program [SAP]. As the name states, yes you, as a participant, will be able to experience first hand what it means to grow your very own Potato, Dry Bean, Root,  & Garlic Storage Crops in just 4 Hands On Farm Visits, without any outside planning.  You as a member can decide how many of these 4 Hands On Farm Visits you would like to participate in.  The 4th visit, which is the big harvest day is required, but all others are optional.  

This Shared Agriculture Program [SAP], is the only one of its kind found locally and we think you and many others will Fall in Love.

A Hands On Outdoor Farming Education for Families and a Premier Experience for Foodies.

Our [SAP] is a great extracurricular activity that will CONNECT you to a farm and your food like no other and it only takes at max 4 days out of your whole year, and at minimum 1 day out of your whole year.

If you are already a member of a modern CSA, no worries, as our [SAP] serves only as a supplement, not as a substitute.

Just decide how many Genuine Potato, Dry Bean, Root & Garlic Shares you or your family wants and needs.  Next, think about whether you will want to participate in All 4 Hands On Farm visits or if you will just want to participate in 2 Hands on Farm Visits, or just 1 harvest day.  To get an idea of all possible [SAP] Farm visit dates, please overview the Hands On Farm Visit calendar.  Finally, the last step...Fill out [SAP] Sign Up Form

After you are a participating member, Check your e-mail  to know when the Hands on Farm Visit Days have been finalized and posted.  

Before you know it,  you will be driving out to the country to dig in the dirt!   

There you have it, our Shared Agriculture Programs [SAP] in a "nutshell"...or should we say "bean shell"!

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