Information on Participation


Days to come out and free play explore under the open sky in a natural ecosystem.  Mammas, Papas, and children of all ages welcome.  We here at Arugula's Star Farm believe in mixed age interaction and play.  Our child is 3 1/2 and will enjoy all ages of company.  There has to be at least a Mama or a Papa present (or a caregiver), as this is not a drop off concept.  For each monthly Ecosystem Exploration Family Farm Day our goal is to have a very simple outside working project thant children and parents can float in and out of as they so choose. Because free play and exploration will always remain top priority, the project does not require participation.  This project will always be hand skill or movement oriented and should be able to be adjusted for different ages.  For example, it could be as simple as collecting sticks in the forest and breaking them down to the right size for the fire ring.  


I wanted to capture the ethic, theory, and concept of Nature Schools & Forest Schools  in a simplified free form in which families could participate.  Personally, I would like to be able to create a social interactive day for children and parents locally, under the canopy of free play, exploration, and motor skills.  The goal is not to just stand around talking by any means, but to provide a place where children & adults can form relationships while all at the same time playing and having fun within the farm's landscape of ecosystems.  As Matthew has lived out here for 20 years and I for 15, it seems only fitting, especially now since we have a child of our own, to share the diversity by hosting an array of explorations for children and adults alike.  I want children to be able to tap into their innate ability to love nature in a free play exploratory boundless setting.  Eastenn Dutch and I do this on a regular basis already, and I think he would much like to invite other families out to share in some fun.  

Also, this idea emerged from a need for a Nashville Waldorf Homeschool Group, that we started participating in this past Spring of 2017, to have more opportunities for Free Play Exploration in Nature.  Then, I thought, why not broaden the scope and name it Ecosystem Exploration Family Farm Days and open it to other families as well.  Really hoping to meet other families with children in a closer proximity radius. We are in a good location for most Nashville, Columbia, and Franklin families,  so please give it a try and come on out. 

Where:  Arugula's Star Farm.  click here for Driving Directions 

Each Season will have different locations within the farm landscape.  There will be posted signs to help you find your way upon arriving.  

  • Winter Season: (January, February, March)  Hill Top Grassy Bald & Forest Sight with open fire ring
  • Spring Season: (April, May)  Valley Meadow with Steers, Chickens, Dirt, & Farm Fields
  • Summer Season: (June, July, August, September) Creekside along Leipers Creek with critters, stones, and plants
  • Fall Season: (October, November, December) North Forest and Farm Fields with open fire ring


Every 3rd Sunday of each month from 1:30- 4:30pm, with exception of January.  January's Ecosystem Exploration Family Farm Day will be on the 4th Sunday of the Month. The 3 Hour Time Frame has an "arrive and go as you please" structure.  Your family can stay for the whole time or just for an hour. 

January 28th         February 18th        March 18th             April 15th             May 20th

June 17th             July 15th             August 19th            September 16th             October 21st  

November 18th           December 16th   

**Even though it is not required, it would be slightly helpful to let us know by way of e-mail or phone message if your family plans on coming to a certain month's Ecosystem Exploration Family Farm Day.  By doing so, this will allow us to be a little more aware on how many families to expect.  There is no pre commitment otherwise and these days are free, so please just come when you can.  

Contact:  Allison Mills Neal     h# 931 682 3314 (I do not text, but you can leave a voice message!) 

**Also, these Ecosystem Exploration Family Farm Days are in nature very casual and free form   They are not intended to be like a school or a class, just free and fun!   Nonetheless, your family will probably be amazed at what intrinsically is learned and gained from the overall experience!! 



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