Welcome to our 2017 season ... We invite you to join us!


*Genuine SeedtoGather SealTM combines both organic and biodynamic Growing Practices

We invite you to partake in a Genuine Potato's journey from Farm to Table in 2017. Planting, Hilling, Harvesting, & Eating Potatoes are some of the most fun & notable happenings on the farm.  Now just imagine the excitement, you have the opportunity to behold for yourself and play apart in.

The Shared Agriculture Program [SAP] is a one crop, plus two, perfect doable platform that will allow for individuals or families to connect to the full circle of an original community shared agriculture.      

Participating in this Hands On Program allows you to grow your very own Potatoes, Dry Beans, and Garlic. Not any extra planning on your behalf is involved and it only takes 4 days out of your whole year.

When individuals and families see through the foods of their labor, by engaging with soil and nature, an irreplaceable desire to do so on a yearly basis is formed.  By growing your own storage crops, you experience an old world natural cycle that was a vital part of all human beings existence...growing & consuming energized, chemical free food. You will be amazed at how much enrichment and grounding can be added to your year by participating in such basic agricultural happenings.  

Arugula's Star Farm Shared Agriculture Program [SAP] is hardcore agritourism to the most utilitarian degree.  It is not only FUN for the whole family it is FOOD for the whole family. 

By signing up & participating, you get to play apart in a ONE OF A KIND EDUCATIONAL plant, grow, observe, harvest, experience type of engagement.  We see that the Shared Agriculture Program [SAP] will CONNECT you to a farm & your food like no other & is an excellent extracurricular activity for all school ages & adults alike...all will benefit by participating!

All you need to do is Sign Up and Come on Out to the Country!










Day Volunteers & Cost Share Interns Needed