ARUGULA's STAR FARM                                  

...a Genuine Agrarian Ecosystem of Subsistence   

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Pepper, Onion, and Rosemary Face

 Matthew and Allison Mills Neal of Arugula's Star Farm stand behind and promote the ethic of what it means to call yourself a "Genuine Agrarian Ecosystem of Subsistence":

GENUINE: really being what it is said to be; actually coming from alleged source; real, true, authentic, not artificial... free of synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers & GMO's  = Organically Grown.

AGRARIAN: relating to the land; of the cultivation or ownership of land; of agriculture.

ECOSYSTEM: a specific biological community and its physical environment interacting to exchange matter and energy. Matter cycles and Energy flows.

SUBSISTENCE: existence; being; continuance. The quality of being inherent. The act of providing sustenance. Means of support or livelihood.  Labor Intensive, very sustainable. Letting ecology serve as economic currency. The environments currency is solar, wind, water, renewable natural resources,  and biochemical energy, while human culture currency is our own human energy.