How Many Potato, Dry Bean, and Garlic Shares to Sign Up For:

When you sign up as an individual or family for Arugula's Star Farm Shared Agriculture Program [SAP], you have to choose how many Genuine Potato Shares [GPS] to sign up for.

Basically, this choice correlates to how many pounds of potatoes that you want to take home to store. Upon Harvest, your potatoes can last in proper house storage for about 5 months before starting to sprout and soften. Calculations should be based on how many pounds of potatoes you want to eat a week for 5 to 6 months. The better you are able to follow Good Potato Storage Protocol,  the longer your storage potatoes will last. Come early winter our storage potatoes that are stored in an average, non-temperature controlled setting are sprouting and softening slightly. We just break off sprouts before cooking and the potatoes are still fine to eat.

For example, if you are a family that loves potatoes and eats more than 2 lbs a week you would want to sign up for 2-3 shares.

1 GPS = 25 lbs Potatoes = $62.50

2 GPS = 50 lbs Potatoes = $125.00

3 GPS = 75 lbs Potatoes = $187.50

4 GPS = 100 lbs Potatoes = $250.00

For your reference, 25 lbs of potatoes can fit into a 1/2 Bushel Basket and  a 1/2 Bushel Basket holds 4 Gallons. 

You also have to choose how many Genuine Dry Bean & Garlic Shares to sign-up for. Dry Beans last for years, so if you love Dry Beans then you would want to sign-up for multiple shares. In general, Garlic stores for 6-9 months, depending on variety. If you consume 1-2 Garlic heads a week then you would not have any problem eating 2 Shares of Garlic, before it starts to sprout.

1 GDBS = 5 lbs Dry Beans = $12.50

1 GGS = 10 Heads of Garlic = $12.50   

For your reference, 5 lbs of Dry Beans fills about 13 cups or a little over 3 quarts.  These volumes & weights will vary slightly depending on variety of dry bean.

 Bulk Storage Crops Make Great Gifts of Unique Connection

Keep in mind when you are deciding how many shares to Sign-Up for, that all these Bulk Genuine SeedtoGather SealTM Storage Goods make great gifts. The next time someone you know has a Birthday you can fix a gift basket of Dry Beans and Potatoes or think of what a great gift these would make for your child's teachers. It would be a gift that the child grew with his/her own hands. Nothing says a simple thank you better than non-perishable genuine farm grown food that you grew.    


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