How Does [SAP] Work & What are the Details

When individuals or families sign up for the Shared Agriculture Program [SAP] you have the option of  participating in up to 4 Hands On Farm Visits, with 1 Hands On Farm Visit Harvest Day required. The 4th Hands On Farm Visit is a must, because this is when you will be harvesting the storage crops to take home.  As participation is key, we encourage you to try to attend all 4, but we understand if time does not allow and we will be glad just to have you even if it is just for the fun harvest day!

If you are a family, not all members have to show up for each Farm Visit. There always just needs to be at least one representing member of the family present. 

On these Hands On Farm Visit Days, members will be more than welcomed to spend as much time on the Farm as desired, either before or after time block. Pack a picnic, walk around, explore, take pictures, play in the creek, have fun, or relax. 

The 4 Hands On Farm Visits:

1st Visit: Planting Potatoes & Flax (exact dates to be announced, aim for Root Sign in Mid March to Early April)

2nd Visit: Planting Dry Beans (exact dates to be announced, aim for Fruit sign in mid April)

3rd Visit: Hilling Potatoes, & Cultivating (exact dates to be announced, generally is 1 to 1 & 1/2 months from planting date…early to mid May)

4th Visit: Digging Potatoes, Harvesting Garlic, & Picking Dry Beans (exact dates to be announced, generally is in late June to early July)

Please see Shared Agriculture Program Calendar for listings of all possible Hands On Farm Visit dates. As each farm visit date comes nigh, exact date options will be finalized, confirmed, & posted by e-mail on Homepage.  

Upon signing up, you will be apart of a mailing list that will keep you updated with any pertinent announcements, like when the exact date options have been determined for each Hands On Farm Visit.

Before each visit, the mailings will provide you with suggestions on what to wear, small items you might need, and will inform you on what to expect. Educational  information will also be included to help enhance your over all experience. This information can be shared to the youngsters in a creative way and will be useful for all ages.  

There will be a few dates and time blocks available to pick from for each of the 4 visits. The time blocks will be approximately 2-3 hours in duration, with each date having 3 different time blocks. Depending which Farm Visit, the time that it takes to complete the task at hand could be well under 3 hours. The 3 hour time block just gives a good idea of how much time you can count on at maximum to allot for.

The dates for Farm Visits #1 -#3 will be based on weather, soil status, constellation of moon, & crop status. Constellation of Moon takes first precedence, with rainy weather and wet soil taking second. For example, we will only plant potatoes on root sign days and this is why Hands On Farm Visit dates will not always fall on the weekends. Please do not let this be a deterrent. An Educational Hands On Shared Agriculture Program as this, would be a purposeful activity to get excused from school or work.

Each Hands On Farm Visit will allow you or your family to experience and work at every aspect of what it means to complete the day's farming tasks. You will be laying out rows, spreading rock minerals & wood ash, applying compost, helping with biodynamic preparations, planting seeds, cultivating, hilling, harvesting, weighing, & shelling.

Example of Dates and Times for 1st Farm Visit. You will have the flexibility to choose the date and time that works best:

Date: Friday March 31st, Saturday April 1st, or Sunday April 2nd** Time Block: 8:00am-11:00am, 10:00am-1:00pm, 4:00pm-7:00pm

**(Sunday April 2nd will only have the 8:00am-11:am time block to choose from)

 The required 4th Hands On Farm Visit will be the the visit that takes the longest, as it is the Big Harvest Day! Allot the Full 3 Hour Time block plus a little extra. This Hands On Farm Visit Day will have the most options, so individuals or families that want to participate in just this 1 required visit will for certain be able to find an option that works with your schedule.  

For Certain Farm Visit Dates for 4th Hands On Farm Visit.  As a member you will choose one of these dates and one time block.  

spring/summer [SAP] harvest dates: (time blocks for each day listed below...8-11am, 9am-12 noon, 10am-1pm, 4-7pm) 

Friday June 30th, Saturday July 1st, Sunday July 2nd

Friday July 7th, Saturday July 8th, Sunday July 9th, Monday July 10th, Tuesday July 11th

Friday July 14th, Saturday July 15th, Sunday July 16th

Tuesday July 18th, Wednesday July 19th, Thursday July 20th

Note about Participating Toddlers:  Toddler age is the only age that we would recommend that both parents or at least an older sibling be present with for farm visits. Toddlers process of exploration has them moving in and out of field tasks. They often spend just as much time playing and roaming than actually participating and this is when it is nice for them to have a guiding shadow. The guiding shadow will be helpful when they start going off to far or being destructive to finished work or young seedlings. Coming from first hand experience, all three crops you will be working with are pretty hardy though and can take some toddler abuse.

When Signing Up for our Shared Agriculture Program [SAP] you or your family will have to decide & customize how Many Potatoes, Dry Beans, & Garlic you want to grow to gather to take home.  You will do this by specifying how many Genuine Potato, Dry Bean, & Garlic Shares you are interested in. At minimum, participating members HAVE TO Sign Up for at least 1 Share of each crop. 

To Learn More on How Many Potato, Dry Bean, & Garlic Shares to sign up here.   

 You will also decide How Many Hands On Farm Visits to participate in.  As mentioned above, one has the option of signing up for either 4, 3, 2, or 1 Farm Visits.  

Therefore, if you become a [SAP] member you will get to decide how much hands on entertainment & education you want to take from the program, it can either be full on or to just come out for the Harvest Date, or anywhere in between. Cost of the [SAP] will vary depending on the amount of crop shares chosen & how many Hands On Farm Visits a family or an individual participates in.







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