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Day Early On-Farm Pick Up for Wednesday May 18th

Posted 5/17/2011 12:15pm by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
Hello to everyone on this Beautiful Day. 
This week's pick-up day needs to be altered from Thursday to Wednesday to accommodate my sister's graduation from eye doctor school.  I know this might not work for all, but at least I thought I would give the option as opposed to canceling this week's pick-up all together.  Instead of the pick-up being on Thursday, it will be on Wednesday the 18th, which is tomorrow.  This means you do not have as long to get your order in, as we will need to receive orders by  Wednesday morning at 8 o' clock.  Thanks and hopefully this option can work for some.

If you need a reminder of how the On-Farm pick-ups work or if you need to remember how to order please click here to read about On-Farm pick-ups.  
**Remember... you can only order by phone 931-682-3314 or fax 931-682-9175 **

**Please call in or fax orders by Wednesday Morning, as harvesting starts early on Wednesday**

Available Organic Items for Thursday May 18th On-Farm pick-ups:
The lettuces are really coming on and by next week we will even by having two more varieties, but for now the Austrian Green Leaf is a lacy green oakleaf type of crisp and tender leafs.  We have been enjoying and loving the leaf lettuce mixed with chopped arugula and cilantro and the cooked black turtle beans. The potatoes are really looking great and should be ready for digging in a few weeks.  The carrots and beets are coming on, but are being a little slower this spring it seems.  By next week we should be having some Swiss Chard available along with the new romaine and butterhead lettuces. 

Austrian Green Leaf Lettuce                                     Bulk 1/2 lb = $4.00
Non-shelled Black Turtle Dry Beans                         Bulk 1 lb = $4.00
Fresh Caribe Cilantro                                                Bulk 1/8 lb =  $2.00
Green  Broccolini *                                                   Bulk 1 lb  = $4.00
White Russian Kale                                                  Bulk 1 lb = $3.00
Catalogna Emerald Endive "Dandelion"                     Bulk 1/2 lb = $2.50
Sylvetta  Arugula                                                      Bulk 1/2 lb =$4.00
French Sorrel                                                            Bulk 1/4 lb = $3.00 
Eggs **                                                                     Dozen = $5.00  
Asparagus                                                                Bulk 1/2 lb = $2.50
Fresh Greek Oregano                                               Bulk 1/8 lb  = $1.00
All listed Below this line are for planting:
Greek Oregano Plant for Planting                Quart cup with Dirt and Plant = $6.00
Young Orange Fantasia & Rainbow Swiss Chard Seedling 4 Chard Seedlings  = $2.00
Early Spring Green Broccoli Plants                              4 Plants = $3.00
Amarant Red Cabbage Plants                                      4 Plants =  $3.00  
Celery Seedlings                                                          4 Seedlings = $2.00
Celeriac Seedlings                                                        4 Seedlings = $2.00
Leek Seedling Sets                                                       8 Leeks  =  $2.50

**Eggs are on a first order first serve basis, and it looks like we will have about 4 dozen to offer this week.
*Broccolini will be limited to 1 qty per order and will be on a first order first serve basis...(if you would like more than 1 qty then request it, and the request might be able to be filled  depending on how much can be harvested from the field)

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