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Give our Genuine SeedtoGather Seal TM Carolina Red Lima Dry Beans a try...Order Now.

Posted 8/9/2017 12:48am by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
Arugula's Star Farm Tiding #10 / Week #32 of 2017
We have been just harvesting away here lately…Potatoes, Beans, & Garlic.
Also, Fall Crop planting has started. I have our Brassicas & Chicories in trays and Root Crops & Fall Peas have been started directly in the field. In between the two Carolina Lima Beans rows, in the picture below, is where the Beet, Carrot, and Pea seed has been placed. One can also see how nicely the Limas are drying in the summer sun.  These Carolina Red Limas are planted from our very own saved seeds!  Really a delicious dry bean.  If you have never eaten anything other than a green lima, you really have to try these. Click here for crop variety details.

The Magic Molly Fingerlings are for sure a fun eat, as they hold their brilliant purple color through all cookings.

Please give our Genuine SeedtoGather Seal TM Potatoes, Dry Beans, & Garlic a try! 
Remember orders need to be received by 7 am on Thursday mornings for front door, business, or on farm pick ups. Also, I know I have only mentioned Nashville Town front door drop offs or at least in route to Nashville Town, but if there is a large enough order from a handful of people from Columbia or Franklin town, I would be willing to do a delivery to those locations as well.
Sure hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks, Allie

Allison Mills Neal 

6624 Leipers Creek Road; Columbia, TN 38401


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