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Harvesting Potatoes & Garlic...Order your Storage Crops Now!

Posted 7/10/2017 1:58am by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
Arugula's Star Farm Tiding # 8 / Week 28 of 2017

Here are our two 220 ft runs of Heirloom Carolina Red Pole Beans.  Growing Tall and Thick on our 8 ft tall metal trellis system. Lots of Dry Lima Beans coming your way! One can just hear the bees a buzzing on the bean flowers when you walk down the rows.  

Hello to all from Arugula’s Star Farm!

Summer swept right in and here we find ourselves in the month of July. July is the month in which I think all of nature and life is at its most full…green areas that have been kept wild are so dense with vegetative species, insects are in a constant buzz and hum, and gardens are full and running over with harvest.

A lot has happened since our last note. Potato digging started about 2 weeks ago and since we had minimal SAP members the main focus now is trying to sell and move all the thousands of pounds of potatoes that will be harvested out of the ground. To start with, I have been offering my items through Nashville Grown and I am seeing a steady increase with our largest order to date yet today!

If you patron a restaurant now and then in Nashville, these are the ones that have purchased either Potatoes, Garlic, Cucumbers, or Snap Beans from our farm thus far. Funny how we have not been out to eat since I think it was back in 2007 in Nashville, so I was completely out of the current trendy restaurant loop. It has been fun learning about all these new restaurants. I am even thinking we might give EiO and the Hive a try since “everything is organic”.

360 Bistro
EiO & The Hive
Richland Country Club
Lockeland Table
The Treehouse Restaurant
Urban Cowboy
Old School Farm Restaurant
Two Ten Jack
Miel Restaurant
Catbird Seat
Rolf & Daughters

So now…how do you as a reader get in on these fantastic potatoes that are being harvested! Not to mention our Garlic and eventual Dry Beans.

1. On Farm Pick Up At the Rocket on weekends (noon on Fridays -Dark on Sunday night)

2. I am going to start off trying Thursday Nashville In Town Deliveries. As long as you live somewhere in any of the local Nashville neighborhoods (Examples…Green Hills, Belmont Neighborhood, Belle Meade, Whitland Neighborhood, West Meade, Belmont/Waverly, Forest Hills, Around the Warner Parks, Oak Hill, Richland Park, or anywhere in between our farm and Nashville town) I will be willing to do a door drop off. A minimum order of 5 lbs of potatoes (mix and match) will have to be placed to get the front door special delivery. As all items offered are storage crops, you will not have to be home. I will just leave them at your from door. Easy as that!

We have around 20 varieties of potatoes to choose from. Here is a link to the varieties and great descriptions. Genuine SeedtoGather Seal TM Potatoes, Garlic, & Dry Beans.

We have an order page if you would like to place your order on line. Order your Storage Crops Now Here.

You can also just send an e-mail letting me know what you would like. Be sure to let me know your address, if you are placing a Nashville In Town Order.

Also, if you want to get a small group together to come out and do a “YOU Dig Potato” then that might be a possibility. Just send me a note if you are interested in this option.

A good big change for the farm is that we finally are going to incorporate cattle to the fields.  Bells Bend Grassfed (Loran), is going to custom graze about 5 Steers here.  We have been working on our fencing & water systems and the cattle should be here sometime this week or next.  Can't wait to see the cattle grazing and manuring our fields and compost!

The last note of happenings is that I have had the out of the blue opportunity to do some personal cooking again for R.S. Lipman (part time, mainly on weekends). It arose and I thought I would give it a try. My first day was on June 30th and I think this was the longest time that I had been away from Eastenn Dutch since he was born and he will be 3 in August. I will say though, it is quite fun being back cooking in someone else’s kitchen other than my own.

Hope you will try some of our Storage Crops and until next time happy eatings! 


Allison Mills Neal 

6624 Leipers Creek Road; Columbia, TN 38401


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