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New Options for Becoming a [SAP] Member & How Non-[SAP] members can place orders for Storage Crops

Posted 4/29/2017 3:17am by Allison Mills Neal or Matthew Neal.

Arugula’s Star Farm Tiding #7 / 17th week 

One knows its potato planting time here on the farm if you can spot at least 4 different types of wild spring forest plants in bloom, by walking in certain special spots of the forest and along spring feed branches and creeks. I am not familiar with the correct names of all of the particular flowers, but I know them by sight and season. This years showing was quite spectacular. 

We did indeed get 10 x 220’ long rows of organic seed potatoes planted the first weekend of April. One row had already been planted on March 24 and the last row got scooted to April 5th. 12 total rows all in all. The potato seed was placed in the ground and covered in the time in which the moon was within an earth element / Root sign constellation, which is what Roots prefer. There was one experimental row that was planted within a water element / leaf sign, which is second best for Roots and I thought really could be considered an equal to our dear potatoes as they are really enlarged stems and not true roots. I think though it goes back to the notion that they develop under ground, which is indeed ROOT like.

There was also 6 x 220’ long rows of organic flax seed planted. Each row of potatoes will have a flax row & a bean row next to it. This particular companion intercropping arrangement is based on the notion that Flax improves Flavor and Growth of Potatoes & Protects the Potato Plants from the Potato Bug & Blister Beetle. The Beans help protect the Potato from the Potato Beetle & the Potatoes help protect the beans from the Mexican Bean Beetle. Even though we use more space & have end products like the flax that we do not profit from, I find that it is worth it to help ensure a good crop of Excellent Taste & Wonderful Quality! We know you will think so too!

Despite our lower number of actual [SAP] members, along with some help from our new [SAP] intern Sam and a few good farming friends, it turned out to be a meaningful & fun weekend. The children in particular had a god mix of hands on learning and good nature exploration. I certainly know that Eastenn Dutch loved all of the farm guests and had the best of times! Since the planting, all the varieties of Potato Stems are emerging from the dirt and good thick bands of Flax has germinated and is thriving! I love seeing the potato stems as they first make their first big push into the light of day.

We are not all planting around here on the farm, we also have to keep ourselves stocked with firewood, as our winter heat & cooking comes from 100% wood power.  A beautiful and very tall Chestnut Oak was killed in a lightning storm last fall, so Matthew thought it was a good time for climbing!  Eastenn Dutch is already learning the ropes. 



In order to help increase interest and participation in our [SAP], both spring/summer [SAP] & summer/fall [SAP], I have decided to not require participation in 3 out of the 4 Hands On Farm Visits. Now when you as a customer sign up for our [SAP] all Hands On Farm Visits will be optional, except for the Harvest Day Visit, which is the last visit in the sequence. Harvest Day will be “Barrels of Fun” for everyone in the family! Like I always like to say, “ It is not only FUN for the whole family it is FOOD for the whole family.” There will also be lots of dates to choose from for the Farm Visit Harvest Days, so that can give you or your family quite a bit of flexibility. Therefore, if you become a [SAP] member you will get to decide how much hands on entertainment & education you want to take from the program, it can either be full on or to just come out for the Harvest Date, or anywhere in between. Cost of the [SAP] will vary depending on the amount of crop shares chosen & how many Hands On Farm Visits a family or an individual participates in.

Please take a look at the New spring/summer [SAP] SIGN UP FORM

Here are the Possible spring/summer [SAP] 4th Hands ON Farm Visit harvest dates: See how Many options you now have!

Friday June 30th, Saturday July 1st, Sunday July 2nd Friday July 7th, Saturday July 8th, Sunday July 9th, Monday July 10th, Tuesday July 11th Friday July 14th, Saturday July 15th, Sunday July 16th Tuesday July 18th, Wednesday July 19th, Thursday July 20th



2017 Genuine Potato, Dry Bean, Snap Bean & Garlic Storage Crop Varieties…more varieties than you could ever imagine & the best selection in town!

We are also going to offer Genuine SeedtoGatherTM Seal Storage Crop Orders for the 2017 season. What this means is that you do not have to participate in the [SAP] to purchase Potatoes, Dry Beans, Roots & Garlic.

We will have a form on the website that will allow for you to make a pre-order & here is a link to it right here Online Order Form for Genuine Storage Crops.

When crops of Potatoes, Dry Beans, & Garlic are harvested in June & July you will have the opportunity to pick your order up on certain (handful to choose from) On Farm pick up Dates or at In Town Nashville Drop Off Dates. We will do both weekday and weekend dates, to make sure that at least one of the pick ups can work for you. Specific sites still to be determined, but will make it fairly central, Ex...Elmington Park off of West End, Percy Warner Park, and/or Richland Park Farmer's Market & would be willing to make specific neighborhood drop offs in Nashville, and even in Columbia or Franklin if enough people from a certain neighborhood ordered.

So, if you live in a particular neighborhood/street, then the more people you can get to order that live in your neighborhood/street, the better the chances that I will deliver directly to your neighborhood/street.

Same goes for a specific school/homeschool group or business/office/shop.  I would drop off orders in a school parking lot/homeschool meet up, or at a certain business/office/shop,  if enough people ordered.

If you would like to head up a school/homeschool, neighborhood/street, or business/office/shop group order then please just pass along this info and contact me at or 931 682 3314 to let me know what you are working on. I will have a section in the On Line order form that will let one specify if they are hoping to be part of a certain school, neighborhood/street, office/business/shop drop off.  This allows you to not have to do any organizing other than spreading the word, as individuals will still place their own orders. 

Once harvest start, we will probably be making drop off runs every other week, which will give you plenty of date options to pick up.

Your Total Amount Due will be at pick-up, but we do ask that one sends a $10.00 deposit that goes towards your total amount due. This deposit ensures that you are truly committed to picking up your ordered storage crops and it keeps us from selling your pre-ordered crops to other venues. If there was the oddity of a total crop failure, your $10.00 deposit would be refunded! Also, once you make a $10.00 deposit, you can make as many orders as you would like through the 2017 harvest season. For example, you might pre-order 15 lbs of early season potatoes and then after you have picked these up, you might decide to order more late season potatoes, to be picked up at a later date. Then you might decide to order Root Crops & More Dry Beans in the Fall. The point to be taken is that you only have to send one $10.00 deposit, and this will allow you to order as many times as you would like. When you place an order you will be added to a list that will be kept updated on when pick-up dates will be.

You will also get an e-mail confirmation a couple days after you place you order and again once we receive your deposit check.

Come late summer to early Fall, you will also be able to order Genuine Storage Crops of Roots...12 different varieties of Beets, Carrots, Turnips, & Rutabagas, & more Dry Beans, and Garlic. These will be added to this On Line Order Form come sometime in early summer.


Allison Mills Neal 

6624 Leipers Creek Road; Columbia, TN 38401


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