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Weather update note for [SAP] Member Hands ON Farm Visit #2.

Posted 4/20/2017 12:01am by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.

Good Thursday morning to you.

This is a quick weather update note for the up and coming [SAP] member Hands ON Farm Visit #2.

Great news is that we got a total of 1.1 inches of rain here on Monday and Tuesday combined, with the big our down on Monday afternoon. We were working in our compost and cleaning out the chicken coop when we had to take cover in the barn. If you never have got to watch a rain storm from within a barn, I would highly recommend it. It seems like the opportunity arises for us maybe a couple times a year, but the chances are slim, even for us and we live here.

By looking at the weather, there is lots of rain forecasted for Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd. A 100 % chance on Saturday. With this type of forecast, I am going to cancel this Saturday the 22nd as an option for Farm Visit #2. I do not think that anyone was planning on this date anyways, as I had not heard from anyone yet, but I thought I would let you know in case you were in contemplation.

I also wanted to let you know that here in the next few days I plan on sending out a general Farm Tiding Mailing List e-mail revealing the new format of [SAP] options. This e-mail will talk about how members can now choose anywhere from 4 to 1 Hands ON Farm Visit Days, instead of the programs initial required 3 visits out of the 4 offered. If any of you would like to change your number of Farm Visits to a lesser more watered down amount then please let me know, as I would not want anyone to feel overwhelmed with your current commitment of 3 to 4 visits. If you change your numbers of visits then this will affect your total membership cost, and you would be owed a little bit of money.

As we are speaking about [SAP] cost, please remember to pay total amount due sometime before the end of the season, if you have not already. Payment could have been easily overlooked or forgotten about, as we do not send out any sort of billing reminders. I thought this could serve as the friendly reminder. If you have not payed and need to be reminded what you owe, then please let me know. Thanks

Allison Mills Neal 

6624 Leipers Creek Road; Columbia, TN 38401


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