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Hands On Farm Visit #2 info for [SAP] members

Posted 4/16/2017 1:22am by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.

Good day to you all, 

Well since you were here last, the top surface of the fields have dried out a bit and are seeking some good rain moisture, in which I hope they get this week.  The first row of planted Heirloom Austrian Crescent Fingerlings have came up very consistently and nicely and it appears that the following 11 rows are just about to break through the surface.  You all will be quite pleased when you show up for Farm Visit #2 and get to see all the potato green stems nicely growing in their rows.  

Also, the first 2 rows of Flax that was planted Saturday April 1st have germinated nicely in much thickness, as they got the good rain falls on Monday the 3rd.  The 4 other Flax rows that I planted on April 4th have not had a good pounding rain yet and therefore have not really sprouted yet, but they should with the coming rains this week!  

On Saturday afternoon,  Eastenn Dutch and I got the Biodynamic 500 Horn Manure Prep and Barrel Compost Sprayed over the planted Potatoes and Flax again.  We had already done one round on the Flax rows and Bean rows, back a few weeks ago.  The whole area has had all the spring Biodynamic sprays that it needs. 

We hope that all members will be able to make the Hands On Farm Visit #2, as there were a few for Farm Visit #1 that did not get to make it.  


Farm Visit #2 will evolve mainly around planting beans.  There could also be a little bit of hilling and cultivating, if you end up choosing one of the later dates in April.  There will be 9 varieties of beans that will be going into the ground and you will be working on getting 110 to 220 row ft of a particular variety planted.  About all the beans that have been selected are Heirloom and we have quite a beautiful and diverse line up.  You will get to see all the varieties, even though you will only be working with one and of course when it comes to harvest time you will get to mix and match what varieties you want to gather and take home for your signed up share qty. Members will even have the option to add on and purchase more Dry Beans than what you initially signed up for if desired.  This will be the same for the Potatoes and Garlic too! 

Along with mineral spreading, you will also be working with compost spreading Farm Visit #2.  

Here are the possible Farm Visit #2 dates for you to pick from, and of course the weather will have to be monitored and looked at as each date gets closer.  I will keep you updated according to which date you choose. I am going to try to do the initial soil prep work in the area of the row, so if it is a little wet you will still be able to get the beans planted.   It mainly just cannot be down pouring when the beans are being planted, nor can the grounds be so saturated from a very recent down pour.  Our feet on the wet soil will cause to much compaction and also because it is hard to cover seed with dirt that is extremely wet.  The rows where the beans are going to be planted have not been turned since the initial turn in back on Friday March 17th.  So it has been at rest for a month.


At some point closer to time please just try to let me know which date and time block you or your family are shooting for.

Saturday April 22nd (9-12noon, 10am-1pm, 3-6pm) 

Wednesday April 26th  (1pm-4pm, 2-5pm, 3-6pm)

Sunday April 30th (8-11am, 9-12noon, 10am-1pm, 2:30-5:30pm, 3-6pm)

Thanks and will be seeing you soon!


Allison Mills Neal 

6624 Leipers Creek Road; Columbia, TN 38401


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